At Natomas Bike Shop, we specialize in mountain biking excursions for established and expert bikers. But we also offer beginner programs for folks just getting started on the trails. Our certified guides will keep you safe and your adrenaline pumping. 

about us

The Natomas Bike Shop was started in 1987 by a retired Navy Master Sargent named Carlton Sears.  He dared opened a bike shop in a region of Sacramento not fully developed but its access to the American River Parkway drew him to South Natomas.
  He operated the shop with his son Storm until 1997 when John Buchanan, fresh home from many years plying the waters of Alaska with the Department of Fish and Game decided to pursue his  childhood dream of owning his own bike shop and purchased it from Mr. Sears.

At the time of this writing, 2016, the Natomas Bike Shop is still serving the Sacramento and Natomas region with the same passion for cycling as when its doors first opened in 1987.  It is the same passion that fuels the unprecedented customer service we try to provide to every patron who enters our shop.  We understand that the Natomas Bike Shop simply could not have enjoyed it success without the support of all who entrusted us with providing for their cycling needs.
 Anchored with more than 70 years of cycling experience among its knowledgeable crew, a customer entering through our doors can be assured that they will exit knowing that every effort was attempted to insure that their needs were met. 
  Thanks to all those who have passed our doors in the past and many welcomes to those who will pass our doors in the future.